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“Developing my own iOS apps is a great opportunity to put into practice the experience and knowledge which I have gained in recent years while working to develop apps for startups and technological companies. I want to develop apps with efficient programming and well thought out, aesthetic appearances.” - Pedro Hernández

“I am a person who loves the simple life and beautiful things which surrounds us everyday. For that reason, as a Computer Engineer and an Industrial Designer I want to develop good looking Apps that are very simple to use.” - Pedro Hernández

“Over the years I have learned that everyday is a great opportunity to learn from other people’s wisdom. Knowing how wisdom is shared drives me, by developing Apps for iOS devices that make things faster and simpler and permit everyone to enjoy life more, to put my small grain of sand in people’s lives.” - Pedro Hernández








Expressing sympathy, originality, delicacy, humor, and much more is easy with “Elements.” These stickers are ideal emoji to convey emotions when we’re short on words.

“Elements” lets you express thoughts and feelings as never before. The package comes with five super fun characters of regular size:

○ Flirt and get romantic with the delicacy of Aiwubiu.
○ Whisper and laugh with Breathanny.
○ Put someone in their place with Fuuz.
○ When you’re too sad for words, express yourself with Sadywaty.
○ Pick up the mood with the energy of Terrazzo.

Get “Elements” and they’ll light up your conversations.


Category: Stickers
Updated: March 16, 2017. Version: 1.2. Size: 21.0 MB
Language: English and Spanish


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