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“Developing my own iOS apps is a great opportunity to put into practice the experience and knowledge which I have gained in recent years while working to develop apps for startups and technological companies. I want to develop apps with efficient programming and well thought out, aesthetic appearances.” - Pedro Hernández

“I am a person who loves the simple life and beautiful things which surrounds us everyday. For that reason, as a Computer Engineer and an Industrial Designer I want to develop good looking Apps that are very simple to use.” - Pedro Hernández

“Over the years I have learned that everyday is a great opportunity to learn from other people’s wisdom. Knowing how wisdom is shared drives me, by developing Apps for iOS devices that make things faster and simpler and permit everyone to enjoy life more, to put my small grain of sand in people’s lives.” - Pedro Hernández



Mic Ready is a powerful and smart recording app! To record ideas, voice memos, reminders, interviews, meetings, note-to-self, lists, classes, concerts, nature sounds, etc.

Mic Ready is easy and simple to use. The microphone has a decibels graph. Moreover, the audio playback can play vibrant sounds with its speaker graphics. The interface is attractive and professional. Each audio track has high quality.

RECORDER features:
◎ Record audio (seconds or hours).
◎ High quality audio.
◎ Audio play and pause.
◎ Record and play in sleep mode (screen off).
◎ Start the audio at the required point with a precise slider.
◎ Rewind and fast-forward during playback or in pause mode.
◎ Timer for recording and playing.
◎ Volume control.

METADATA features:
◎ Edit audio name, date, hour, comments, album, author, type and copyright.

STORAGE features:
◎ Order by the most recent or alphabetically.
◎ Dropbox.

SHARE features:
◎ E-mail.

INFO features:
◎ Introduction video.
◎ Contact and feedback.
◎ Website.

View all the features inside the Mic Ready app. If you need any kinds of assistance, please feel free to contact me. Any comments are very welcome.

This app was designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


iOS 8.0 or later

Category: Utilities
Updated: June 05, 2016. Version: 1.0.2. Size: 18.7 MB
Language: English, Spanish and French